Employees... Are They Worth It?!?

Great organizations run on great employees. That's why the top companies work hard to recruit and retain the best talent. For a small business or start up, choosing and growing employees is a make or break task for the owner/founder. Learn the key things YOU must do to build a great team.

Course Outline

This course will show you the skills you need to employ to find, hire and grow a productive team. Filled with wisdom, tips and downloadable templates, this course will walk you through each step in the process to manage one or many employees. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: Finding a Great Candidate

    • Employees Help or Headache

    • Finding a Great Candidate

    • The Job Description

    • The Interview

    • Takeaways: Finding a Great Candidate

    • Takeaways - Downloadable

  • 2

    Module 2: Employee Onboarding

    • Onboarding New Employees

    • Onboarding Your New Hire

    • Takeaways: Employee Onboarding

    • Takeaways - Downloadable

  • 3

    Module 3: Performance Planning for Success

    • Employee Performance Appraisals

    • Performance Planning for Success

    • Takeaways: Performance Planning for Success

    • Takeaways - Downloadable

  • 4

    Module 4: Fostering Accountability, Engagement and Retention

    • Motivating Employees

    • Accountability

    • Delegating that works

    • Takeaways: Accountability, Retention and Engagement

    • Takeaways - Downloadable

About Instructor

Bill Ringle Bio

For over 17 years, Bill Ringle, President of System Ringle, has served as a trusted business advisor for owners and leaders of small- to mid-sized, privately held and family companies.

Before launching System Ringle, Bill built Pittsburgh Flatroll, a startup company, from a closed, steel mill into a $10-million producer of aerospace alloys. Following that, he was president of a titanium processing company. He led this business to achieve 52 consecutive, profitable months extending the company’s market reach domestically and internationally.

Bill translated this high-level, business expertise into assisting owners and leaders to achieve their business goals. Bill has been where you are. In one-on-one, collaborative relationships with Bill, you learn how to broaden your roles as business owners who work on their businesses rather than just in their businesses.